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Navigating the Holidays while Engaged

So you are engaged (Congratulations!), and the holiday season is upon us. For many it is a special time of year filled with social, family, and religious gatherings. It's a time for us to connect with colleagues, friends, and loved ones. It's a time to celebrate and honor lifelong traditions. Yes - The holidays are special and magical. The holiday season also often comes with a sense of obligation and need to make all of these occasions special and memorable. Hopefully, with a few tips you and your fiance will be able to happily and healthily navigate the holidays.

Tell your partner how they can support you during times of family drama. All families have their own unique dynamic and triggers. Let your fiancé know how to support you when Dad starts talking about politics, Aunt Susie makes snide remarks, or baby brother tries to steal the spotlight. It will be easier to navigate these dramas when your fiance understands your needs and is by your side.

Understand that your family dynamics and traditions are shifting. You might already be deciding whose house to go to on what holiday and when. Or you might be sticking with the old family routine for one more year. Either way, this isn’t just a change for the two of you. It is also a change for your families. Start thinking about what is important for the two of you, how that can be honored this holiday season, and what new traditions you may want to incorporate this year or next!

Take time for just the two of you to connect. The holiday season is a busy time of the year. With so many gatherings to attend, it is easy to let the season slip away with very little time dedicated to each other. Try to carve out some alone time to nurture your relationship.

Some final quick tips: Take a deep breath. Listen to each other. Be honest about your feelings. Laugh a lot. Enjoy being engaged!

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