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3 Relationship Resolutions for 2018

Have you thought about your New Year's Resolutions? If you have, consider adding to them ways to deepen your relationship. These 3 quick tips might help you and your partner overcome whatever 2018 brings.

Listen more. Communication is the foundation of relationships and so many times people feel like their partners are not hearing what they are saying. Make a point to put the phone down and listen to each other speak. Be sure to validate what is being said before responding with your perspective.

Share more experiences. Find something in the community where you and your partner can volunteer. According to Dr. Seligman, there are five building blocks to well-being and volunteering together includes three of the building blocks (engagement, relationships, meaning). It feels good to do something bigger than yourselves.

Take care of yourself more. Making more “me” time could improve your relationship. Self-care is important to remind us that we are worthy of love and compassion. Rather than giving yourself a dose of negative self-talk the next time something goes wrong, try using compassionate words and some personal pampering. When we feel well, we are able to be more present with others.

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